Usko at Miami NFT Week

Juha Mikkola
Juha Mikkola
April 10, 2023

Usko, a new app that allows you to analyze and monetize your Amazon spending, made a splash at Miami NFT Week with a unique activation. Inspired by the art collective MSCHF's ATM leaderboard at Miami Beach Art Basel in 2022, Usko asked attendees to download their app and show their total Amazon spending over the past three years. Attendees who participated were ranked on a leaderboard according to their Amazon spending.

The results were impressive. Usko was shocked to see that their top Amazon spender had spent almost $500,000 in the past three years alone. In total, individuals shared with Usko over $2 million in Amazon spending during the weekend. The Usko app allows users to understand and analyze their spending better, including how much products they regularly buy have gone up due to inflation. Users can also receive messages from brands, and when they read them, they get paid.

The activation was a success for Usko. It not only raised awareness for the app, but it also showed how much people are spending on Amazon. Usko's app aims to help individuals understand and take control of their spending, and the activation highlighted the need for such a tool.

The Usko app offers a range of features that can help users analyze and monetize their Amazon spending. For instance, users can view their Amazon purchase history and see how much they've spent on various products. They can also track their spending over time and identify patterns or areas where they can cut back.

In addition, the Usko app offers a unique monetization feature. Users can receive messages from brands, and when they read the messages, they get paid. This feature offers a new way for users to earn money, and it also provides brands with a direct line of communication to their customers which Amazon sellers currently do not have with their ultimate customers.

Another feature of the Usko app is its inflation tracking. The app can analyze a user's purchase history and show them how much prices have gone up due to inflation. This can help users make more informed purchasing decisions and save money in the long run.

Overall, the Usko activation at Miami NFT Week was a success. It highlighted the need for tools like the Usko app that can help individuals understand and take control of their spending. With its range of features, including monetization, purchase history tracking, and inflation analysis, the Usko app has a lot to offer for those looking to make the most out of their Amazon spending.

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