How to Request your Data from the Biggest Platforms

Ki James
Ki James
October 26th, 2022

Big hardware and software platforms that we all use on a daily basis are tracking more information about us than we could ever imagine. This ranges from expected pieces of information to much more surprising or inferential data.

It’s good to be curious about what the services you use know about you personally. Luckily, the biggest ones are legally obligated to be transparent.


To access your Amazon data, you need to visit this link. They offer a variety of categories to make your search more specific, including Search History, Kindle, Audible, and more. For a more detailed breakdown of what exactly you’re spending your money on, Usko Privacy offers the best tool for that job.

Interestingly, Amazon seems to divert your attention away from all this by pointing you towards the less informative, less specific information found on your account page. This is one big flag pointing to how much extra leverage you gain through just knowledge alone.


Apple has a very similar process. If you have both an Apple device and Apple ID Login credentials, you just need to visit and follow the instructions given clearly.


Facebook has a few extra steps between you and your data; however, it’s still basically easily accessible.

First, navigate to the Settings & Privacy tab found by clicking on your profile picture. Then, click Settings. In the left column you should see something labeled “Your Facebook Information,” which you can view or download.

They offer several customization options to format your data in the most useful possible way.


Google provides one of the best, most usable tools for data import. All you need to do is visit, and they helpfully provide a readable, easily operated list of multiple different subplatforms and data types for you to choose from.

After selecting all your settings, you just pick what kind of export you want, and read away!