Launching Usko Credits

Juha Mikkola
Juha Mikkola
March 1, 2023


Today is one small step for our app, but a giant leap for all of mankind (who believe they should get paid for their data).

We are thrilled to introduce Usko Credits, the first step in our roadmap to let you earn for your data.

How does it work?

It’s super simple. Connect your Amazon shopping history to the Usko platform and open up your app daily.

Keep an eye on your inbox for messages sent by cool brands. When you read the messages, you’ll earn credits.

Remember your data is always kept private on your local device, meaning that Usko or the advertiser doesn't see any of your data or know who you are.

So what’s the future?

Right now we are in the beta testing phase, meaning you can earn credits to your account. As we build up Usko’s user base and also bring on more and more advertisers, you will be able to take your Usko credits and convert them into Amazon gift cards or Usko crypto tokens.

How can you help?

The best way to help us is spread the word about the app! The more users we have, the more advertisers we can attract and the more earning opportunities there will be.

It’s easy to share, just click the “Choose what to share” button in the Spending or Items tab.